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About Us

Who We Are

Carfra Lawton LLP is an established insurance defence boutique law firm offering proactive and effective legal services. From our base in Victoria we represent domestic and international insurers, institutions and government agencies throughout British Columbia and the Yukon on claims ranging from the small and routine to the catastrophic and highly complex.

Our team is comprised of over 20 lawyers, paralegals and articling students, all of whom are focused on insurance defence, coverage and subrogation services. Practicing in one area of law provides our clients with the expertise and range of skills and experience needed to quickly assess files, identify defence strategies and progress a file towards resolution in a cost effective manner.

The firm was established by James S. Carfra, Q.C. (1940-2012) and Dean P.J. Lawton in 1985. Our reputation has been built on the high quality, meticulous work our lawyers have delivered ever since. Our junior lawyers benefit from that experience through a formal mentorship program, internal training seminars and internal file audits.

We work closely with insurers, brokers and institutional risk managers and have a strong appreciation for each client’s unique approach and process for resolving claims.  We are also sensitive to the pressures and issues impacting the insurance sector and government run insurance programs.  We know our clients do not take risks with their files, and neither do we.

Our business-like approach to insurance law claims is mirrored by how we run our own practice and we are constantly looking for more efficient ways to serve our clients. We invest significantly in the technology needed to deliver legal services in the efficient, modern manner demanded by our clients.

At Carfra Lawton LLP, we never lose sight of the fact that we are acting on behalf of both insurers and their insureds. We work hard to extend a high standard of practice to every insured. Our reputation, and our clients’ reputations, depends on it.