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    Cathy Stoker presenting with RMC on “what is a car?”

    Cathy Stoker

    Cathy Stoker

    Cathy Stoker of Carfra Lawton LLP will be a co-presenter at a free insurance law webinar titled “What is a car?“ presented by the Risk Management Counsel of Canada (“RMC”) on June 23 at 12 -1 PM EST. The webinar will focus on what is “an automobile” and what is considered “proper use” for insurance purposes in four different jurisdictions in Canada.

    Lawyers from Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and BC will address how each province: defines an automobile; denies coverage to drivers; classifies various vehicles such as ATVs, dirt bikes, farm tractors, golf carts, etc; and, interprets “the proper use and operation of a vehicle” in scenarios such as loading and unloading, deliberately running someone over, break in chain of causation, shooting from a car, and dropping rocks from an overpass.

    The webinar will also include an update on the most recent case law on the definition of “an automobile” and a review of the tests used to determine when an auto insurance claim can be made.

    You can register by clicking here.