Carfra Lawton LLP | Victoria BC

    Celebrating 35 years of legal service

    We commissioned the work from Margaret Hanson of Margaret Hanson Design. She has been commissioned for a few of our projects, including our “working remotely” graphic. We asked her to capture our firm’s foundation, legacy, work and surrounds.


    The four hands in the art pay tribute to the original four partners. James Carfra, QC and Dean Lawton, QC founded the firm in 1985. They were then joined by Kelly McCullagh and Leslie Slater.

    Carfra and Lawton was the first law firm registered with the Law Society of BC where there was equal gender partnership (2 to 2). We moved our offices from downtown Victoria in 2001 to the beautiful Gorge waterway, which is evoked by the waves.

    The image incorporates a few of the types of claims and work we do: construction, occupiers liability, personal injury, coverage and subrogation. The artist imbued the image with our firm colours of greens and blue, including the outline of CL in the pipes.

    Some see a touch of Picasso and references to abstract and representational art in this piece. Although, the artist advises she was trying for a funky pop theme. Such is art and the discussion it summons.

    Victoria is known for its craft breweries with local artists providing memorable labels. We asked the artist to lean her art in that direction for our anniversary announcement.

    Overall, we hope the message stands out and is original. That is how we view our history and the legacy we honour.