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Kim Smith


  • Bio

    While starting on a criminology program in Vancouver, Kim started working part time at Lawson Lundell in Vancouver to help pay her rent and fruitlessly attempt to finance all the City’s lifestyle had to offer.  Given the opportunity to work directly with Mr. Justice Gordon C. Weatherill (as he is now), she decided to stay at the firm, changing the course of her future plans.

    Following her family, Kim eventually moved to Victoria and worked with Peter C.M. Freeman, Q.C. at Cook Roberts.  After taking a few years off and travelling in Australia, Kim settled into a long term paralegal position at Acheson & Company (as it was then), working on class action and Plaintiff personal injury files for 21 years, working primarily with Kevin Whitley and Deborah A. Acheson, Q.C.   Kim brought her extensive Plaintiff experience to Carfra Lawton LLP after working closely with our lawyers and staff over the years, and has moved seamlessly into our insurance defence team.

    Kim has experience in a variety of practice areas including automobile accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall, faulty product, class action and construction claims.

  • What is your deepest obsession outside of work?

    Without question, my dog.  I also dabble in metalsmithing, making jewellery, and I periodically attempt to maintain some kind of control over the weeds in my yard.

  • What is your favourite location to travel in BC?

    Vancouver.  Although it is only 100km or so from Victoria, it feels like it is a world away (and depending on the ferries, it almost is).  I love the food, stylish City and the scenery (and perhaps a little shopping).  It is difficult to beat the beauty of Vancouver on a sunny day.

  • How do you explain your job to your family?

    I spend far more time explaining to people that my job is nothing like what they see on Suits!

  • Stats & Facts

    Douglas College – Criminology Program