Carfra Lawton LLP | Victoria BC

Matt L. Stuckenberg


  • Areas of Practice
    • Civil Litigation
    • Construction
    • Motor Vehicle
    • Occupier Liability
    • Professional Negligence
    • Products Liability
    • Subrogation
  • My Bio

    I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, and have been a west-coaster for over 10 years.
    Before returning to post-secondary education, I worked in the construction industry as a framer and former. I primarily worked on custom single occupant and townhouse construction, but I have some experience working on commercial jobsites as well.
    I have developed excellent research skills to quickly identify core issues that relate to the matter in question, and apply critical analysis to issues in the search for meaningful, effective, and overlooked solutions.

  • What is your deepest obsession outside of work?

    I have two obsessions outside of practice.
    The first is my family. I am the proud father of two young children, and I recently celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary with my darling wife.
    The second is martial arts. I began training in Kyokushin Karate when I was 7 years old. I hold the rank of Shodan, and have competed throughout western Canada.
    I have since transitioned to competing under kickboxing rules at the amateur level, much to the bemusement of my friends and colleagues.

  • What is your favorite location to travel in BC?

    The obvious answer is my commute home to my family after a long day.
    The less obvious answer is a local beach in Qualicum Beach called Judges Row, which is where I met my wife. The view is otherworldly and the memories only make it better.

  • What is your favorite legal term?

    In international law, the term jus cogens is a term that refers to principles that are fundamental to global order. Jus cogens represent values that aspire to be universal norms regardless of differences between cultures, societies, and beliefs. Examples of established jus cogens norms include prohibitions against slavery, genocide, and crimes against humanity, and possible jus cogens norms include things such as the right to water or food and other international human rights.

  • Stats & Facts

    University of Victoria: Juris Doctor - 2019
    University of Victoria: Master of Arts in Political Science - 2015
    University of Victoria: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science - 2014

    Associate, Carfra Lawton LLP - 2020 to Present
    Articled Student, Carfra Lawton LLP - 2019 to 2020
    Summer Articled Student, Carfra Lawton LLP - 2018