Carfra Lawton LLP | Victoria BC

Vera Syrma


  • My Bio

    Prior to moving to Victoria, Vera studied Law in the UK and worked as a paralegal for an Independent Review of the National Health Services in the UK. Supporting a leading Q.C., Vera applied her legal research skills in processing evidence, compiling analyses, liaised with medical professionals, public officials and witnesses and organized materials for the interviews.

    With a very international background, Vera’s passion for traveling brought her to Canada in 2005 for a ski season in Whistler, and she realized that one day she would like to make British Columbia her home. Following that, she pursued her interest in European Politics, and completed postgraduate studies whilst raising three children, after which she made a decision to begin a career in law.

  • What is your perfect meal?

    I am mildly addicted to Reblochon cheese, and Tartiflette Savoyarde is my favourite dish. It is simply the best meal to have après ski in the French Alps, and a great excuse for a good red wine.

  • What is your deepest obesession outside of work?

    My escape from daily pressures is through yoga and playing piano. I have traveled to India to study Iyengar yoga, and I try to practice whenever I can. I also started playing piano again and really enjoy practicing with my children as they learn for the first time.

  • What is your favourite location to travel in BC?

    Having recently moved to Vancouver Island, I still have much of BC to explore. I grew up by the Black Sea and I really enjoy boating and swimming, so I’ve spent time on the islands around Victoria. Poets Cove on Pender Islands is my favourite place for a family retreat.

  • Stats & Facts

    Oxford University, UK. MSc Russian and East European Studies 2009
    K.U. Leuven, Belgium. MA European Studies: European Integration and Diversity 2007
    Leeds University, UK. BA (Hons) European Politics 2004

    Professional Development
    University of Law, Bristol, UK. Graduate Diploma in Law 2015