Health Law

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Carfra Lawton has deep experience working closely with health authorities and health care professionals to defend all manner of claims. We provide our clients’ risk management team with grounded well-researched advice as well as precedent-setting advocacy when required.


  • Hospital Authority Liability

    Carfra Lawton has extensive experience working closely with health authorities and their risk management colleagues to provide advice on and defend all manner of claims. Our team has intricate knowledge of all levels of operations within a health authority, from medical care to privacy issues. We leverage decades of experience to provide well-informed advice as well as precedent setting advocacy as required.

  • Healthcare Professional Liability

    Carfra Lawton has a decades long history of defending claims against health professionals. Our team includes lawyers who routinely defend those working in health authorities, as well as medical professionals in private practice. We have a refined knowledge of the issues health care professionals encounter and are adept at constructing a thorough and well-considered defence.

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