Property Damage Claims

At a Glance

Carfra Lawton has extensive experience defending claims for property damage arising from fires, floods, construction deficiencies, building settlement, and many other causes. We strive to investigate and risk assess these files early on in order to reach a fair and economical resolution.


  • Damage Claims

    We are attuned to the importance of obtaining all of the key documentary evidence, often working with our adjusting partners, and assessing the evidence with the help of experts such as engineers, fire investigators, and quantity surveyors. Our excellent preparation leads to strong results at mediation and trial.

  • Subrogation

    Our subrogation team is practised in identifying the key issues in dispute and assertively litigating subrogated claims to arrive at a cost-effective resolution. We often work with our clients from shortly after the date of loss to preserve evidence, assess risk, and advocate for early settlement with liable entities.

  • Fire Loss

    Carfra Lawton’s fire loss team is practiced at working with fire loss investigators and adjusting partners on all manner of fire claims to quickly identify the issues in dispute and achieve resolution.

  • Flood Loss

    Whether the flood arises from a burst pipe or a leaky pool, Carfra Lawton has experience in defending these claims in an efficient and timely manner. 

  • Products Liability

    Whether products have caused bodily injury or property damage, Carfra Lawton has experience in defending these claims in an efficient and timely manner.

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